Thomas Baigneres, Pascal Junod, Yi Lu, Jean Monnerat, Serge's A classical introduction to cryptography exercise book PDF

By Thomas Baigneres, Pascal Junod, Yi Lu, Jean Monnerat, Serge Vaudenay

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TO CRYPTOGRAPHY workout publication Thomas Baignkres EPFL, Switzerland Pascal Junod EPFL, Switzerland Yi Lu EPFL, Switzerland Jean Monnerat EPFL, Switzerland Serge Vaudenay EPFL, Switzerland Springer - Thomas Baignbres Pascal Junod EPFL - I&C - LASEC Lausanne, Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland Yi Lu Jean Monnerat EPFL - I&C - LASEC EPFL-I&C-LASEC Lausanne, Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland Serge Vaudenay Lausanne, Switzerland Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication information A C.I.P. Catalogue list for this publication is offered from the Library of Congress. A CLASSICAL creation TO CRYPTOGRAPHY workout e-book by way of Thomas Baignkres, Palcal Junod, Yi Lu, Jean Monnerat and Serge Vaudenay ISBN- 10: 0-387-27934-2 e-ISBN-10: 0-387-28835-X ISBN- thirteen: 978-0-387-27934-3 e-ISBN- thirteen: 978-0-387-28835-2 revealed on acid-free paper. O 2006 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This paintings is probably not translated or copied in entire or partially with out the written permission of the writer (Springer Science+Business Media, Inc., 233 Spring road, big apple, big apple 10013, USA), with the exception of short excerpts in reference to experiences or scholarly research. Use in reference to any kind of info garage and retrieval, digital version, software program, or by means of related or numerous technique now understand or hereafter built is forbidden. The use during this booklet of alternate names, logos, carrier marks and comparable phrases, whether the should not pointed out as such, isn't to be taken as an expression of opinion to whether or no longer they're topic to proprietary rights. revealed within the usa

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Therefore, the four weak keys of DES can easily be computed to the four possible combinations of these C and D by applying P C I - I values. 1, where {bin denotes a sequence of n bits all equal to b. The existence of weak keys is known at least since the publication of [14]. 1. Weak keys of DES Solution 2 Semi-Wea k Keys of DES First, note that it is possible to generate a DES decryption schedule on-the-fly. After k16 is generated, the values of C and D are equal to the original ones, since they both have been submitted to a 28-bit rotation.

3 Deduce an attack which recovers k3. Once k3 is found, how do you recover kl and k2? What is the complexity of the whole attack? 6). This time, we are going to mount a chosen-ciphertext attack. The ciphertext C we choose, is the concatenation of four n-bit blocks such that C = (A, A, B , B) (where A, B denote arbitrary blocks of n bits). The four blocks of the corresponding plaintext are denoted Pl to P4. 4 Find a relation between kl, k3, IV1, IV2, PI, P2 and A. Similarly, find a relation between kl, k3, IV1, P3,Pq,A, and B.

2112 = 2'l1. 37 Conventional Cryptography 2 It is easy to see that the complementation property of DES can be extended to 3DES: Using an algorithm very similar to Algorithm 4 (where we just replace DESK by 3DESKl,K2),we can reduce the complexity by a factor 2. The average complexity becomes 2'". Solution 5 2DES and Two-Key 3DES 1 (a) A naive exhaustive search has a worst-case complexity of 2112 DES evaluations and an average complexity of 2ll1 DES evaluations. 256 DES evaluations. 2 (a) A naive exhaustive search for a two-key 3DES has a worst-case complexity of 3 2112 DES evaluations and an average complexity of 3 - 2''' DES evaluations.

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