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By James Reapsome

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This research of Abraham's existence supplies readers an in-depth glimpse into the lifetime of Abraham, and exhibits them what actual religion seems like for modern day Christians.

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1. Think about someone who has recently died. How would you summarize her or his life in terms of faith? Read Genesis 23. 2. What problem confronted Abraham after Sarah’s death (verses 3-4)? How did he propose to solve it? 3. How did the Hittites regard Abraham (verse 6)? Based on our study of Abraham’s life, how do you think he had gained this reputation among them? 4. What did they offer him (verses 6, 11)? Why do you think Abraham refused their offer and insisted on paying for the land? 5. Why do you think Abraham had never bothered to buy land for himself (see Hebrews 11:9-10; Acts 7:5)?

Jesus claimed to be the promised Messiah of the Jews. However, when he made that claim, the leaders and most people rejected him, saying that Abraham was their father. They could not extricate themselves from their physical and spiritual ancestor. But God ushered in a remarkable fulfillment of his covenant promises to Abraham when he raised Jesus from the dead. Suddenly, Abraham’s descendants were not his physical progeny, but his spiritual children. In this study, we will see how the apostle Paul holds up Abraham as an example of the overwhelming fact that God accepts people on the basis of their faith, not their physical descent or good works.

Why is it so hard to give up the idea that we can be good enough to please God? How does Abraham’s example help us to believe, “against all hope,” in what God has promised? 12. How is righteousness before God attained today (verse 24)? On what facts do we anchor our faith (verse 25)? 13. Go back over the entire chapter and review the times you find the word “faith” related to Abraham. God is the other side of the faith transaction. What have you learned about God in this study of Abraham’s life that strengthens your faith?

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