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Of the three protecting powers, Britain and France feared that Otto needed to be reined in and kept from disturbing the peace in the region with Russian backing, and did not discourage adequately their ministers in Athens from encouraging conspirators to believe that Britain and France favored their designs. The representatives of the two Western powers feared that Otto was unwilling or unable to rein in irredentist Greek circles in touch with the Russian representatives in the region. The Russian representative, on the other hand, did not discourage the political leaders of the Russian party from joining the conspiracy against the king, if only to be in a position to preclude a solution favoring the interests of Russia’s two opponents in Greece.

Several families competed with each other for the favors of the Ecumenical Patriarch, who was the spiritual leader of all Greek Orthodox Christians, and the Sultan, for high office. Ambassadors of the Porte to European great powers, marine ministers, and prime ministers, but above all ruling princes in Moldavia and Wallachia, the Phanariots constituted an aristocracy of talent, which held and wielded tremendous authority, as long as they kept the favors of their temporal master. Their positions of influence and power in the Ottoman imperial structure were subsequently used to argue that the Greek Revolution interrupted a long process of turning the Ottoman Empire into a joint Graeco-Turkish common imperium, which lived only in the minds of some disenchanted Philhellenes, who were disappointed by Greece’s Western apprenticeship.

Göleka’s rebellion was part of a general disturbance in central Greece, of armed men, Albanian and Greek alike, who had witnessed the old STATECRAFT AND IRREDENTISM (1831–62) 29 order shaken to its foundations and whose services seemed to no longer be needed on either side of the frontier, on the Turkish side because they were no longer trusted and on the Greek side because they were considered unsuitable for the new order in the making; or so it appeared at the time to everyone concerned. An armed band, the remnants of the armatolic system of security, moved more or less undisturbed in and out of the Greek frontier districts, unable to settle down in either realm.

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