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Due to the fact actuarial schooling used to be brought into China within the Eighties, chinese language students have paid larger recognition to the theoretical examine of actuarial technological know-how. Professors and specialists from famous universities in China lately labored jointly at the undertaking "Insurance info Processing and Actuarial arithmetic conception and Methodology," which was once supported by way of the chinese language executive. Summarizing what they completed, this quantity presents a research of a few easy difficulties of actuarial technological know-how, together with possibility versions, possibility overview and research, and top class ideas. The contributions conceal a few new functions of likelihood and information, fuzzy arithmetic and fiscal economics to the sphere of actuarial practices. Discussions at the new assurance industry in China also are offered.

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When N is a Poisson random variable, it is called compound Poisson model and S is called compound Poisson random variable; When AT is a Binomial random variable, S is called compound Binomial random variable. 1) is denoted by F$. In the compound risk model, we assume that X,Xi,X2,-'' are independent identically distributed with common severity distribution function (sdf), denoted as Fx- The sequence X,X\,X2,--are also independent of the number of claims N. The individual risk model illustrates the total loss of a portfolio from another viewpoint.

On a clas of renewal risk processes, North American Actuarial Journal, 2, 60-73. Dufresne F, Gerber H U. (1988a). The surpluses immediately before and at ruin,and the amount of the claim causing ruin, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 7, 193-199. Dufresne F, Gerber H U. (1988b). The probability and severity of ruin for combinations of exponential claim amount distributions and their translations, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 7, 75-80. Feller W. (1971). , 2, Wiley, New York. Gerber H V, Goovaerts M J, Kaas R.

22). 16), in terms of As(u, y) and F\{x), the equilibrium distribution of F, can be rewritten as pAs(u,y) + 6uA$(u,y) =5 / As(v,y)dv + \fj,As * Fi(u,y) Jo -A / Jo (l~F(z))dz + (1-I{u>y}). fU(l-F(v))dv\. 24) Let I- + 0O 7si(s,y) e-svdAs(v,y), = / Jo where y is regarded as a parameter. 25) and the initial condition of the above equation is given by lim 7*1(5, y) = 0. (s+Sz)}dz {s + Sw) - cj)y(s + Sw) e Jo B5(0,y) „-W»)-xW}/' Js = AW Jo —(j>(s + Sw) dw, where X(s) := / (p - Xfi(f)(v)) dv. 27) Jo Prom [Sundt and Teugels (1995)], we know / r+°° \ -l Also by last section, we have p+oo Gs(0,y) ={P a e-f0*(P-W(Sw))dwdz^ +oo .

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