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Bankruptcy 1. advent half I: Linear Equations bankruptcy 2. Laplace's Equation 2. 1 The suggest worth Inequalities 2. 2 greatest and minimal precept 2. three The Harnack Inequality 2. four Green's illustration 2. five The Poisson vital 2. 6 Convergence Theorems 2. 7 inside Estimates of Derivatives 2. eight The Dirichlet challenge; the tactic of Subharmonic capabilities 2.

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Experimental Data Processing 49 BM G M I C assessment is carried out for instance by means of least squares anal­ ysis of experimental d a t a received from considerable number of tests. Comparative analysis of various and quite numerous human GMIC determination methods is found in [102]. For example, this work gives description of the most accurate method — radioisotopy. According to research done by authors this method error averages about 3-5%. ). According to [102] GMIC are calculated as follows i (3-6) *$=£***;, ,=0 where JP 0 = 1, Fq, q = 1,1 — integral characteristics of the person tested (1-height, 2weight, 3, 4 .

However, thoroughness of boundary conditions evaluation is only necessary for small data samples {v < 10). Otherwise c\ and cv can be adopted to be equal to zero as their values significantly influence interpolation polynomial behaviour only as far as several nodes from the boundary (this fact has been proved by multiple test calcu­ lations). Most valuable in the spline coefficients determination procedure described above is that functional dependence is brought down to a single-parameter one which is highly important for a system with many freedom degrees.

2 Chapter 2. Mathematical Expressions for Fundamental Dynamic Anthropomorphic Models Quantities Let us now derive system moment of momentum with respect to points O, Hi, C and kinetic energy in fixed basis e' 0 ' and in bases e ' H l ' and e' c ' (center of mass basis). 25) where k{ = mif^ x r ct -f Jf - w; — moment of momentum of element i with respect to system mass center C. Summing all the elements of AM we obtain the total AM moment of momentum n Ko = E &°< = M°& x <2-26) &+*' 1=1 where k — is total AM moment of momentum with respect to system mass center C.

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