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By Martin A Moskowitz

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Although effortless in nature, this e-book offers with basic concerns in arithmetic — quantity, algebra, geometry (both Euclidean and non-Euclidean) and topology. those matters, on a complicated point, are a similar ones with which a lot of present mathematical examine is worried and have been themselves examine themes of past classes. the fabric is particularly compatible either for complex highschool scholars and for college kids attracted to effortless arithmetic from the next viewpoint. it's going to even be very valuable to school lecturers looking an outline in their material.

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If p doesn't divide a we will show that it must divide b. Let S = {np + ma : n,m G Z} and d be the smallest positive integer in S. Then d — nop+moa. By the Euclidean algorithm write p = kd+r where k, r € Z + andO < r < d. Then r = p—k(nop+moa) = (l — kno)p+moa, that is r G S. Since r < d and d is the smallest such positive integer, 26 Chapter 1 What is a Number? we conclude that r = 0 and therefore p = kd. But since p is a prime, either d = p or d — 1. Suppose d = p. Applying the Euclidean algorithm to a and d tells us a = jd + ri where 0 < r\ < d.

Show p is a polynomial with integer coefficients. 3. Let n > 1, and p(z) be as above. Then p(z) divides ja^j, where d is a divisor of n in Z. 6 37 The Complex Numbers deferred until Chapter 3. However, assuming the truth of this result we can investigate the nature of the roots of a polynomial equation p(x) = anxn + a n _ i x n - 1 + . . + ao = 0 with real coefficients. Let z be a complex, non real root of the equation. Taking conjugates, and using the properties of conjugation mentioned above, we get an(z)n + an-\{z)n~l + ...

This defines a n for all n G Z. Evidently, for all n G Z, a n + m = a n a m and ( a " ) m = a n m . Prove these laws of exponents as an exercise. We can extend the definitions of exponentiation from Z to Q as follows: If r = ^ € Q, and a > 0, then a r is to mean ( a n ) ^ , where a fractional power means take the appropriate root. We shall see later t h a t we must assume a > 0 because although we can't take even roots of negative real numbers, although we can take any root of a positive real number.

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