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The "War" in technology is essentially the dialogue among those that think that technology is above feedback and those that don't. After the technological know-how Wars is a suite of essays by way of major philosophers and scientists, all trying to bridge interdisciplinary gulfs during this dialogue.

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Within the Homeric Epics, vital references to precise independent structures and mechanisms of very complex know-how, comparable to automata and synthetic intelligence, in addition to to just about glossy equipment of layout and construction are incorporated. whether these good points of Homeric technology have been simply poetic techniques (which on many events doesn't clarify the staggering info of layout and manufacture, just like the ones integrated within the current volume), they appear to turn out that those achievements have been good inside human potential.

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40 Was Derrida that good a bluffer? Note also that although Derrida does not say what the Einsteinian constant is, he is willing to say things about it. If he is bluffing, this is a risky thing to do. For example, if Hyppolite’s constant is either the speed of light or the space-time interval, then calling it “the very concept of variability” does not seem like a good idea. So, contra Weinberg’s bluff hypothesis, we have support for the idea that both Derrida and Hyppolite thought that Derrida knew what Hyppolite was talking about and even for the possibility that he actually did.

A claim that the truth-value of a statement is not context-dependent is too strong for us to get evidence for it, much less proof. Yet many people believe otherwise. When they look around and see no context dependence, that is their evidence. Moreover, the idea of context independence is almost irresistible. When we formulate a statement, a relationship between it and the world is created that is itself in the world independent of us. Or so it seems. There are also counter-intuitions, for example, the constructivism of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Wittgenstein’s discussion of rule following in his Philosophical Investigations.

Forman, Paul (1987) “Behind quantum electronics: national security as basis for physical research in the United States, 1940–1960,” Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences 18:149– 229. Frank, Tom (1996) “Textual reckoning,” In These Times May 27:22–24. Fuller, Steve (1993) Philosophy, Rhetoric, and the End of Knowledge, Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. , New York: Norton. Gross, Paul R. and Levitt, Norman (1994) Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

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