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Chapter 4: Calibrating Calibration Strategy The 16522A pattern generator does not require an operational accuracy calibration. 30 5 To use the flowcharts" on page 32 To verify pattern output" on page 36 To exit the test system" on page 38 Troubleshooting This chapter helps you troubleshoot the module to find defective assemblies. Chapter 5: Troubleshooting To use the flowcharts The troubleshooting section consists of flowcharts, self-test instructions, and a cable test. If you suspect a problem, start at the top of the first flowchart.

Each card in the instrument is firmly seated and tightened one at a time in step 6. 43 Chapter 6: Replacing Assemblies To replace the module 5 Position all cards and filler panels so that the endplates overlap. 6 Seat the cards and tighten the thumbscrews. Starting with the bottom card, firmly seat the cards into the backplane connector of the mainframe. Keep applying pressure to the center of the card endplate while tightening the thumbscrews finger-tight. Repeat this for all cards and filler panels starting at the bottom and moving to the top.

In this case the break instruction should be the stop condition. Passing the If Instruction Test implies that CPU addressing RAM addressing, and the instruction decoder of the module respond properly to user commands. Diagnostic Integer Value This test is only valid for signals on the master board of the configuration. The values returned from any expansion cards will be zero. The integer returned will have the following bit format: Bit# 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 3, 2, 1, 0 unused Test Mode The Test Mode bit positions have the following meaning: 0 - passed 1 - failed to stop on wait in non-if branch 2 - took if branch on no branch event 4 - failed to stop on break in if branch 8 - took non-if branch on any branch event RAM Test.

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